4 Step Manufacturing Process of Solid Acrylic Letter
2019-11-01 10:24:24

As one of the hottest products in modern illuminated letters, solid acrylic letter are sought after by many companies' service desks, store door signs, high-end leisure places, mobile phone stores and other places. Whether it is in material selection, engraving, or lighting source collocation scheme or painting, the solid acrylic letter is superior to other illuminated letters.


The solid acrylic letter from Jaguar sign ( with over 20 years experience solid acrylic letter manufacturer ) is made up of a surface panel, a bottom plate and LED light source. The panel is made of an acrylic plate which is chamfered by an engraving machine to form a three-dimensional bevel, which is then engraved and separated. The bottom plate is laser-cut with an acrylic plate and can be filled with LED lights source. Finally fixed with organic glue.


Making solid acrylic letter can be said to be a technique for every subtlety:

1. Material selection: The material used for the solid acrylic letter is high-quality acrylic sheet. This kind of high transparency, high mechanical strength, light and easy processing, the illuminated letters produced are more uniform and have a longer service life.

2. Engraving: The engraving of the solid acrylic letter is very good. There are aslo four steps: The first is to slot the groove from the back. The second is to cut the bevel on the front of the word. The third is to cut from the front; the fourth is to cut the bottom plate. There can be no errors in each step, affecting the quality of the illuminated letters.

3. The lighting source collocation: no single line of the solid acrylic letter affects whether the brightness of the illuminated letter is uniform, not more or less, this step directly affects the quality of the illuminated letter, and arranges various small lighting source in the fine operation. It's just right.

4. spray paint: A good solid acrylic letters on the paint requirements are very strict, the paint requires a moderate thickness, even and moderate, smooth and delicate hand, visually can not see the flat concave.


The production of solid acrylic letter is a meticulous work. The so-called details determine the success or failure. The details determine the pros and cons. Jaguar sign as illuminated letter manufacturer must strive for excellence in the production of illuminated letters to create the best brand signage for customers.


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