What is Solid Acryic Letter and Its Development Trends
2019-11-05 14:32:46

What is the solid acrylic letter ?

The solid acrylic letter is an advertising illuminated letter that has emerged in recent years. It is a logo sign that has been created by advanced numerical control equipment using acrylic materials. It has a beautiful appearance, exquisite and fashionable. Once it is launched, it quickly occupied the market and became the popular products in advertising industry. The solid acrylic letter continues to grow, so why is the solid acrylic letter so popular at all ? Jaguar Sign as letter signage manufacture with 20 years manufacturing experience introduce the reason for you.


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The 4 characteristics of the solid acrylic letter:

1. The brightness is even and soft. 

2. The three-dimensional effect is strong without discoloration

3. The production efficiency is fast 

4. Convenient maintenance with logn service life 


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Because the solid acrylic letter's light source uses LED light, the solid acrylic letter has a wide luminous area and a long visible distance. It is the most widely used light-emitting surface in all style letters. The customer can clearly identify the billboard content at any angle. The solid acrylic letter shines evenly without glare, the light is soft and full and it can resist the harsh environment. Because the material used for its manufacturing is acrylic, which has very good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. It will extend the service life and save the company the cost of repair and replacement.


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In the current market, the solid acrylic letter is moving towards more fashionable and artistic development. With the development of society, the aesthetic level of the peoples is getting higher. Also the design requirements for illuminated letter are getting higher, making the advertising illuminated letters not only It’s just a few nights of light, more of an art piece that appeals to customer's eyes.


The light source used in the illuminated letter is mostly LED light source, which has the advantages of small size, simple structure, energy saving and power saving, which makes the solid acrylic letter more and more environmentally friendly, and more focused on sustainable development. It is an excellent choice for company logo sign, storefront sign, hotel indoor sign which invisibly saves the enterprise a lot of unnecessary expenses and is easy to maintain. The solid acrylic letter is used wildly new. In the future, the development trend of illuminated letter is immeasurable. 


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