The Advertising Letter's 6 Category ( Part One )
2019-11-07 13:49:11

The advertising letter's category is diversified. According to the illuminating effect, the advertising letters can be divided into two types: illuminated letters and non-illuminated letters. According to the appearance, there are three-dimensional letters, flat cut letters, mirror face letters, vacuum formed letters, rust face letters. According to the craft, there are engraved letters, vacuum formed plastic letters, painted letters, flat cut letters, polished letters, brushed letters, etc. The following is a more complete advertising letter’s category introduce.


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Type 1: Acryic crystal letters - acrylic crystal letters are engraved by acrylic. Various color can choose , the effect like glass with luster, translucent, but not wearable, easy to scratch, tarnish in two of three years. It is used for indoors of company, office room, store wall, house number. It is usually made of double-layer acrylic. The bottom layer’s thickness is 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, and the panel layer is 3mm thick with color acrylic. The bonding method is used to connect together, and the role of crystal is seen from the side, commonly known as "crystal letters". Most companies use acrylic crystal letters when making business letters in indoor.


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Type 2: PVC letters - various colors, can be engraved into various shapes, thickness 1cm-3cm, the price is not high. The surface can be painted, but there is no primary color. The disadvantage is that the gloss is not strong and dirty. It is used in company or shop image wall, room, lobby etc. (indoor is better). Not satisfied with the needs of the user at night.


Type 3: Channel letters - acrylic on the front with aluminum trim cap, aluminum or stainless steel side with bottom plate. Led channel letters is one of the most effective and popularly types used advertising letter what is very visible and highly effective in marking a location. It is made up with illuminated acrylic face and aluminum return. Channel letter manufacturer suggest that it is commonly used as exterior signage on the outside of storefronts,strip malls, public buildings and offices wall to give the business its identity. Otherwise channel letter is just require very little maintenance to last for years.


Type 4: full-body illuminated letters - acrylic on the front and side, PVC bottom plate, light effect is more bright, shiny with energy saving, the disadvantage is that the letters can not be made too small, it is used for storefront sign, building sign, hotel sign ect.

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