What Are The Featurer of A Good Storefront Sign ?
2019-11-11 15:17:24

The storefront sign is the facade of a store, which is the first impression that customers see the store. Therefore, the role of signfront is unquestionable for a store. There are many materials and products can used in the storefront sign. Jaguar Sign as professional storefront sign manufacturer, is recommend led channel letter can be used for storefront design which is gradually loved by the cusotmer. The store usually attaches the Led channel letters to the top or wall of the building.



So, what are the featurer of a good storefront sign ?

1. A Suitable Brightness: the storefront sign’s brightness is suitbale with environment of store. Try to ensure that customers can see it clearly in the visible range.


2. Weather Ability: the storefron sign is Windproof, waterproof, dustproof, and protected from harsh weather conditions.


3. Strong Visual Impact: need to be creative and visually impactful in the matching of colors, fonts and graphics.



4. Low Consumption: the storefornt sign with energy saving, low operating costs and convenient inspection and maintenance.


5. Safety Design and Long Service Life: can greatly exploit the advantages of outdoor advertising signage.


6. Stability of Light source: led light source plays an increasingly important role In the outdoor storefront sign. Because of its advantages in energy saving and long life. The led channel letters with built-in Led light source has excellent visual appeal and soft color.


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