3 Kinds of Materials Commonly Used In Metal Sign
2019-11-28 17:58:15

The 3 kinds of most common materials used for metal sign production are galvanized sheet, stainless steel and aluminum. What are they differernt in application ? Jaguar Sign as professional letter and sign manufacturer since 1988 who will introduces the following 3 materials for you.

1. Galvanized sheet

Galvanized sheet is widely used in the production of signboards because of its lower cost metal materials and easy processing. The biggest advantages of galvanized sheet are excellent corrosion resistance, paintability, decoration and good formability. The thickness of galvanized sheet used for general identification plates is between 1mm-2mm. Galvanized steel sheets of different thicknesses can be made into various shapes through cutting, bending, welding and other processes. After the galvanized plate identification plate is made, the surface must undergo strict paint treatment. The baking paint can effectively isolate rain and delay rust. However, the long-term hot and rainy weather will cause the paint to fall off and be easily corroded. As a result, it cannot maintain the proper strength and beauty. If you want to use it outdoors for a long time, it is recommended not to use galvanized sheet.


2. Stainless steel

The most commonly used stainless steels are generally 201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel. Although 201 stainless steel has the delicate and high-quality appearance of stainless steel, it is not really rust-proof. His oxidation resistance is generally stronger than that of iron, but there are still rust problems. 201 stainless steel is generally used as indoor stainless steel, because it rarely receives direct sunlight and rain, so there is no need to worry about rust. Although the unit price is much more expensive than galvanized plate baking paint, but the grade is also much higher than galvanized plate baking paint, so 201 stainless steel is generally used indoors.


The 304 stainless steel is really rust prevention. In addition to the delicate and beautiful appearance of stainless steel, it has excellent oxidation resistance. 304 stainless steel as a high-end stainless steel product, its unit price will be slightly higher than 201 stainless steel, so it is more suitable for a variety of harsh environments. Therefore, Jaguar Sign want to tell you that 304 stainless steel is more suitable for outdoor stainless steel. And in order to ensure the quality of our products, Jaguar Sign always use 304 stainless steel for both indoor and outdoor use.


3. Aluminum

According to the material selection aluminum can be divided into two types: aluminum profile and aluminum plate. Aluminum profiles are generally used for large-scale production of standard parts, and aluminum plates are used for outdoor signage. The strength of aluminum plate is low, so its decorative performance is relatively strong. However, due to the outstanding oxidation resistance of aluminum plate, it is s usually applied widely in outdoor large-scale signage products.


The above is the introduction of "3 Kinds of Materials Commonly Used In Metal Sign" from Jaguar Sign.

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