Functional Classification of Hotel Signage
2019-12-04 16:26:15

In generally, there are many types of hotel signages according to their functions. JAGUAR SIGN is a manufacturer of largest in southwestern China and is didecated to creating five-star hotel  wayfinding and signs system. The following is a detailed introduction to the classification of hotel signage.


Functional Classification of Hotel Signage, according to the use of functional signs can be divided into five categories: building signs, wayfinding signs, function signs, warning signs, fire signs.


1. Hotel building signages

It is used to reflect the name or functional positioning of the building. It is mainly installed on the building itself, the entrance of the building, or on objects specifically used to reflect the building logo. Such as building name, business name, building name, etc.


2. Hotel wayfinding signs

Including wayfinding signs, directional sign and information release signs. These signs are usually used in public spaces to provide public space information, positioning and guidance functions, so that outsiders can quickly understand this public space and easily reach the area they want to go to.


3. Hotel function sign

It is used to reflect the function of an area or room, such as: smoking room nameplate, meeting room nameplate, office nameplate, room number, door number, toilet nameplate, etc.


4. Hotel warning signs

Used to warn or remind some of the signs that require special attention, such as: Swimming Pool Instructions, No Smoking, Watch your step and so on.


5. Hotel fire signs

Various signs related to fire safety, some of which can be personalized or functional, such as fire hydrants and fire evacuation maps.


The distinctive and unique hotel signage can spread the cultural information of the hotel and establish the quality of the hotel, which is a reflection of the cultural value of the hotel. The above is the introduction of “ Functional Classification of Hotel Signage ” from Jaguar Sign.


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