Importance of The Right choice of Signage Materials
2019-12-11 14:40:15

Nowadays, with the prosperity and development of the sign industry, the products used in the sign industry are becoming more and more abundant. Our daily-used signs are used in more and more varieties of raw materials. Just as we usually see the metal raw materials are: brass, bronze, aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and commonly used non-metallic raw materials are: PVC, acrylic, rigid plastic, KT board composite materials, etc. Since each type of signage material has its own special properties and applicable environment, which materials are used in which environment and which characteristics, Jaguar Sign need to conduct a scientific analysis when designing the signs.


The first we should understand the properties of various raw materials, such as metal signs.If they are protected by a tight and strong anti-corrosion protection layer, they are basically used in environments where corrosive liquids or gases escape. For example, ferric chloride, copper chloride, copper sulfate, zinc chloride, and acids and alkalis have a strong corrosive effect on metal signs such as brass and aluminum. If this type of signs is used in an environment with corrosive liquid gas without the protection of anti-corrosion coating, these signs will be unrecognizable and unrecognizable in a few days or months.


Besides, the non-metal signage used is generally not suitable for high temperature environments because it is made of non-metallic materials. Excessive temperature will deform and age plastic sign products, and in severe cases will cause melting or charring. Therefore, different raw materials have different characteristics. When designing signage, Jaguar Sign need to consider them completely. We need to know that must not blindly rely on the effects of the design to come up with a solution that does not conform to the actual situation.


For example, in recent news reports, the material used was inappropriate when a manufacturer made place-name signs. The reflective film used to traffic signs was transplanted into the process of street signs and door plates. The detailed features seem to be the same, but in fact they are completely different in feature.


Any raw material that is developed for use in a corresponding product has its own applicable environment. As the designer of the signage must have certain knowledge about the applicable functions of various materials to avoid unnecessary losses.  The above is the introduction of “Importance of The Right choice of Signage Materials” from Jaguar Sign --- with over 20 years professional letter & signage manufacturing leading supplier in china.


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