3 Types Design Content of Theme Park Signage System ( part one )
2019-12-16 16:11:19

We know some of the famous theme parks, such as Disney, Carnival, etc. Theme parks are generally designed as amusement resources through overall design and planning of multiple specific themes, which can meet the entertainment of consumers of different ages, and at the same time, they can also spread the culture and promote the theme culture to people's hearts. Therefore, in order to serve a large number of passengers, we need to do a good job on the theme park signage system. When we are designing and planning the theme park signage system, we should provide a set of excellent signage system design schemes to enhance the theme park's brand value.


Theme Park Signage System.jpg

Theme park signage systemcan be roughly divided into 3 types from their fields of use: outdoor signage, indoor signage, and public area signage. The outdoor signage include the theme park map guide sgin, road signs, explanation signs, entrance and exit directional signs, etc. The functions of indoor signage and outdoor signage are similar. The difference is that various functional signage sign’s suitable environments. Public area signage include safety reminder signs, parking lot signage , information signs, etc. Since there are many types of signage, Jaguar sign will choose a few types of signage for you to introduce below.


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1. Map Guide Sign

Map guide sign usually present the overall environment of the theme park to tourists and provide tourists with various information and routes, such as where are the public toilets around? What is the direction of the recent snack sales? The purpose is to let tourists quickly understand the surrounding information and routes even if they have just arrived in an unfamiliar environment, so as not to get lost. Generally speaking, map guide signs are used as a basic identification tool for tourists to identify their positions. Therefore, map guide signs will be installed at the entrances and exits and in places with a large number of people. In the design and planning of map guide signs, in order to give full play to its role and provide tourists with a suitable visual angle, we generally place it horizontally, and keep the map guide map north and Our actual location is the same, so that visitors can know clearly where they are in the theme park;

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