3 Types Design Content of Theme Park Signage System ( part two )
2019-12-18 17:11:40

In the previous article, we have introduced the map guide signs in the theme park signage system. Below Jaguar Sign will continue to introduce the road directional signages and warning signages.

Road Direction Signage

Directional signs are the most basic and most common signs in theme parks. The name of the destination will be reflected on the signs and indicated by the addition of directional arrows to let visitors know the direction of the destination clearly. Although it is a very basic sign, it is must exist for tourists. 


At the same time, we should also pay attention to the number of directional signs placed, because if too many directional signs are placed, tourists will lose the joy of exploring the theme park and make visitors feel that they are always being pushed. When planning the direction signs, we must pay attention to that the number of destinations marked on each sign cannot be too much, and the arrangement needs to be smoothly and orderly according to theimportance degree.


Too many destinations and sign chaotic arrangements will cause tourists to misinterpret the information provided by the signage. Therefore, we must ensure that the number of direction signs is properly interspersed in the theme park, to provide tourists with geographical directions and destination directions, and to provide direction guidance for tourists in appropriate areas.


Warning Signages

The warning signages in the theme park are used to remind and correct the danger or improper behavior of tourists. Therefore, the text of such signs should be properly worded, and the rude words will bring deep meaning to the tourists. Negative impression. Therefore, we need to use caring words to match the warning signs, use positive language and give people a warm and concise feeling in the design style of image and texts. So that visitors are very clear from this warning signage.

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