3 Public Environmental Signage Introduction
2019-12-20 13:59:38

In our daily life, public environmental signage systems are everywhere and silently serve the public. Today Jaguar Sign will introduce theurban road traffic signs, public service signs, and commercial advertising signs to you.


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1. Urban road traffic signs

Urban road traffic signs are more directional and mostly provide guidance services for fast-passing people, and people on non-motor vehicles or motor vehicles. Therefore, the graphic design of such signs requires internationalization and standardization. Urban road traffic signs are easily recognizable, concise and clear, with strong directivity and comprehension. With the continuous change of urban road traffic conditions around the world, the more chaotic the traffic conditions, the more concise the traffic signs. This is the urban road Principles of traffic sign planning.


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2. Public service signs

Public service signs are widely distributed in urban public facilities, community facilities, and public buildings. This type of signs provides tips for people who are active in the city and in different communities and public buildings. Compared with the differences in the identification nature of urban road traffic signs, people stay on such signs for a relatively long time, because these public service signs must reflect the service awareness and humanization, and usually have delicate contents And deepen some, to express more aesthetic effects and humanistic characteristics.


3. Commercial advertising signs / business sign

Commercial advertising signs have the uniqueness of commercial activities. The more they are in the bustling commercial circle, the more prominent the commercial signs are in terms of visual, image, and personalized performance, and they are the most expressive in the public environmental signage system. For example, the commercial signs and advertisements in Times Square of New York, Central District of Hong Kong, and Chang'an Street of Beijing.

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