Shopping Mall Guide Signage System Planning
2020-02-22 14:03:00

Many people don’t know much about the planning of the shopping mall guide signage system They don’t know what the guide signage  system is and what effect it has. Today we will take a look at what the shopping mall guide signage system is first and foremost. We must first Knowing that a good guide signage system can add points to the space. First of all, let's take the mall guide signage system as an example. It not only transmits information, but also can beautify the space, expand the space area, increase the space utilization rate, and increase the mall. The work efficiency of the staff, together with the humanized planning, added points to the overall image of the shopping mall. Next, let's take a look at which aspects of the shopping mall guide signage system planning are mainly included?


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The main shopping mall guide signage system should use human text in the planning, because the shopping mall is a public place with a large number of people, which simply shows congestion. In the planning of the shopping mall signage, the location of the signs should be considered in planning, signage planning, ground sign planning, and guidance. The planning of the views. In these sign plans, the intention to complete the guiding function with human texts. Before the sign plan, the planner should conduct on-site surveys of the shopping malls, and arrange the location of the signboards. Humanization should be considered, and the supply should be convenient. Humanized logo planning can make customers feel safe and happy, and have a faster shopping process.


The signboards in shopping malls need to be concise, clear and accurate. This is very important for shopping mall signs. Simple signs allow consumers to quickly understand their position and accurately find where they are going. Together, the signboard must be set Place it in a location where people can easily see it to prevent the logo from being blocked. Arrows and Chinese and English texts should be used for more interesting planning on the signboard, giving people a novel and common aesthetic experience.

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The shopping mall guide signage system's planning intention is to facilitate consumers 'consumption. The planning of a common identification system can affect consumers' purchasing behavior. In terms of the layout of the sales site, it is necessary to get used to the holistic nature of consumer awareness. It is a repetitive presentation of a complete process, characterized by the same intentional and shared planning elements, showing a clear clue and sequence. The size of the mall identification system does not need to be too large. According to the proportion of the size of the mall, the volume is too small to cause people's attention.

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