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Jaguar Sign Witnessed "2018 Headline Annual Ceremony"

2019-01-23 17:09:02 times the

At the end of 2017, headline limited company contacted us and wanted to customized the medal plaque of the "2018 Today's Headline Annual Festival". After many communicationes, headline limited company was finally impressed by jaguar sign's professional program. A personalized custom and simplified yet beyond simplicity medal plaque was born.




According to different craft and materials, medal plaque can be divided into: bronze etched, aluminum screen printing, stainless steel eched, titanium coating, metal printing etc. For customer's needs and the shape of the medal plaque, we recommend the use of easy-to-form stainless steel as the main material, the surface content of screen printing, etching, painting and other different processes to show different effects.





Jaguar sign always treats every product seriously in the spirit of the craftsman whether simple or complex. Moderately polished to ensure smooth edges, fine wire winding, repeated surface cleaning...

Because of the strict control of each process that it will finally show a qualified, professional, high-quality product for the customer and lighting the 2018 today's headline festival.

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