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2018 Shanghai International Advertising Sign Exhibition

2018-9-20 17:24:04 times the

The 2018 Shanghai International Advertising Label Exhibition officially opened. Jaguar Sign as China's most innovative signage manufacturers participate in this exhibition. Then, we will introduce the jaugar sign's popular products in the exhibitor.


psb (30).jpg

"EPS 10" is the most popular exhibit in the exhibition. This products is made of 2mm iron plate with our smd led board. The effect of the flashing light is very beautiful.


The following products are acrylic metal coatings sign. Because of the plasticity of non-metallic materials, magnetron sputtering technology can replace some metal sign with non-metal sign which is more competitive in terms of fineness, standardization and cost.





In addition, the illuminated acrylic metal coating letter sign's metal surface can realize the light transmission by controlling the thickness of the coating. It is look like real metal letter during the day and aslo become illuminated letter at the night. So,  it is completely bring you different visual effects.



Popular Products

  • Engraved Metal Plaques

    Engraved Metal Plaques

    Engraved brass bronze metal plaques craft is put the complex pattern and typeface transferred to the surface of brass, bronze, copper, aluminum or stainless steel by engraving.
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  • Illuminated Acrylic Metal Coating Letter Sign

    Illuminated Acrylic Metal …

    Illuminated acrylic metal coating letters is Jaguar Sign unique core technology products. The letters feature is even made from acrylic materials but has real metal surface. The rea…
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  • Led Channel Letter Sign with Aluminum Trim Cap

    Led Channel Letter Sign wi…

    Led channel letters is one of the most effective and popularly types used advertising letter what is very visible and highly effective in marking a location. It is made up with illu…
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  • Fabricated Metal Letters 3D Dimensional Metal Sign

    Fabricated Metal Letters 3…

    Fabricated metal letters from Jaguar Sign is always fabricated with true materials. Thus can ensure the letters are strength and stability. Jaguar Sign can provide with 3d metal let…
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