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Industry 4.0 era begin of Jaguar sign

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What is Industry 4.0 ?

Improve the intelligence of manufacturing and integrate customers and business partners in business processes and value processes.

Industry 4.0 is a shift from centralized control to decentralized production mode with the goal of creating a highly flexible, personalized and digital production model of products and services. In this model, traditional industry boundaries will disappear and the industrial chain division will be reorganized.


industry 4.0.jpg

The feature of Industry 4.0

1. intelligent

All manpower production links will be gradually replaced by numerical control and intelligent equipment, and the production efficiency will be greatly improved and the standardization degree will be high.


2. decentralized control

The production process of a product will be transferred from one factory to multiple factories, relying on the Internet and intelligent technology for process docking to achieve intelligent division of labor between machines and machines.


3. maximum satisfaction with personalization

Rely on the Internet big data to directly connect the needs of massive end users to the factory, to meet the personalized customization, and reduce costs through efficient division of labor.


4. Value chain restructuring

Industry 4.0 will build a network based on the industrial value chain. Software and hardware facilities, communications, intelligent machines, smart warehousing, intelligent logistics and service facilities will work together to connect people, machines and things.

The Future of business model

The business model is crucial for the manufacturing industry, and the future business model of manufacturing is centered on solving customer problems. Enterprises will not only sell hardware, but provide more added value by providing after-sales service and other follow-up services. This is soft manufacturing. Personalized needs, mass customization and manufacturing will become a trend. Entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry should increase the added value of products as much as possible in the manufacturing process, expand more and richer services, and propose better and better solutions to meet the individual needs of consumers.


What are the challenges in signage manufacturer under Industry 4.0 ?

1. Most of signage manufacturer lacks sufficient cutting-edge technology to accelerate the process of Industry 4.0

2. Most of signage manufacturer does not have a well-developed R&D team and IT department.

3. Stakeholders or conservative ideas lead most companies not to change


Industry 4.0 era begin of Jaguar sign

Inspired by the CPS system of industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing, jaguar sign is keenly aware of the development prospects of customized production and O2O cooperation. After repeated investigation and demonstration, it has resolutely invested in continuous research and experiment, and successfully developed two patented technologies which is smd led board sign and magnetron sputtering vacuum coating. At the same time jaguar sign Introduce a lot of advanced equipment jointly developed the LED intelligent control system with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology physics doctors, which makes it possible to standardize and intelligently produce luminous characters.

smd led board sign

smd led board sign


SMD led board sign becomes the pusher for the sign Industry 4.0

The SMD led board sign is the core product of Jaguar Sign, which provides the most feasible solution for the standardized production of luminous characters. This is a revolutionary innovative invention that can change the future of the industry. It brings us not only the sharing of technology, but also the exploration and thinking of the future of the industry.


What is SMD led board sign?

The SMD led board sign is quite light in weight, multiple color, waterproof and heat-resistant, can be used directly as LED letter sign. As a new light source, LED circuit board sign can replace the traditional lights.


发光电路板 01.jpg

发光电路板 02.jpg

The advantages of SMD led board sign

1. intelligent

Through the automatic control of the circuit, image capture, CNC engraving, laser coding, automatic patching to complete the manufacture of integrated light source, greatly enhance productivity.


2. efficient and environmentally friendly

The production time of the finished light source in 24 hours, and the whole process  with national environmental protection production standards.


3. meet individualization

Meet the customization requirements and custom form one piece.


4. reduce costs

A lot of manpower and management costs are reduced. As the market scale expands, production costs will become lower.


5. quality guaranteed

Using Taiwan epistar LED chip to ensure the durability of the light source; the automatic cloth control system makes the LED distribution absolutely accurate and ensures the uniformity of the light source. In addition, waterproof treatment reduces the probability of repair.


The future of the SMD led board sign

The SMD led board sign is not just a light source, it is the result of Oracle's thinking and research for Industry 4.0. It is opening the door of technology identification, intelligent identification, and identification of the industrial revolution, looking for more people of insight, pushing the industry to the track of high social development, and seeking a broader space for industry survival and development.


The development of Industry 4.0 is the process of intelligent, decentralized control, personalization, and value chain restructuring. The SMD led board sign was born under the guidance of this direction. The all-digital production has improved the low-end human production mode of the label industry. The production distribution, equipment docking and process division of data integration will improve the vicious competition environment of the industry. The change of production mode meets the global user's personality and customization under the Internet. Demand, the industry chain redefined by communication, network, software, manufacturing, logistics, services and other links will achieve value sharing.


The SMD led board sign will promote the process of signge intelligent production, provide the most competitive products and services for the illuminated letters and illuminated signs, and establish the basic structure of the logo industry 4.0 with the partners in the new industry chain. A benign ecological cycle that changes the future landscape of the industry.

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