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The Advertising Letter's 6 Category ( Part two )

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Type 5: Vacuum formed plastic letter - the material is the same as letters. Compared with channel letters, the vacuum formed plastic letter has a convex shape on the surface and is more three-dimensional. The advantages of vacuum formed letters are more grade, sturdy, wear-resistant, waterproof and energy-saving. It is suitable for all kinds of outdoor advertising letter sign, storefront signs, image wall etc. Nowadays, the process has been constantly changing the process, and the vacuum formed plastic letters have greatly improved both in appearance and in use.


Vacuum formed plastic letter.jpg

Type 6: Metal letter- the material usually is brass, bronze, stianless steel, aluminum, iron. They has different feature in vision and use. stianless steel letters, aluminum letters are easy to know the different. Let’s talk about brass and bronze in detail.


Metal letter.jpg

Brass and bronze letter’s feature is not easy to rust, but the color is only one kind - golden yellow. It feels magnificent and majestic. Brass letters and bronze letters are suitable for outdoor building, company, public place etc. Brass and bronze is also a metal that is more susceptible to oxidation. Therefore, it is often need to painting clear lacquer. 


Brass letters.jpg

Iron letters divided into falt cut iron letter and dimensional iron letter. The material is iron, Increase thickness by welding. The painting method is divided into baking and spray painting. The advantage is can make large gaint letters and price not expensive. The paint is not returned in the  three to five year. The disadvantage is that it does not light at night. It is suitable for enterprise building letter, large-scale advertisements letter on buildings.


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