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The Installation Location Categories of Storefront Sign

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As we all know, because the information that the storefront sign wants to convey to the customer is very important, the storefront sign design determines the customer's first impression of the restaurant. Jaguar Sign as a large-scale signage manufacturer in China which has service more than 10,000+ storefront sign project. We will introduce the installation location categories of storefront sign.


The following is a description of the types of storefront signs that can be divided according to the installation location:

1. Roof Installation:

In order to allow consumers to see chain stores from a distance, the storefront sign can be placed on the roof to promote their store. For the customer, you can feel the full-scale visual impact of the roof storefront sign in the distance.


2. Front Installation:

Front installation is the storefront sign on the front of the chain store, which can be used to indicate the business scope, store name, product name, brand name, and the like. He is the most important sign of all signs, so you can also use the lighting, hidden lighting or neon lighting to make it more eye-catching.


3. Hanging Installation:

Hanging Installation the signboard hanging on the front or side wall of the chain store is the hanging signboard, and its function is basically the same as the barn signboard.



4. Side Wall Installation:

It is generally be located on both sides of a chain store, and the content displayed is for the pedestrians on both sides. He can be used to indicate the name of a chain store, and can also be used to indicate the business policy, business scope and store advertisements of a chain store. This installation is generally dominated by light boxes.


5. Roadside Placed:

This is a sign placed on the sidewalk in front of the store to increase the store's appeal to pedestrians. This signboard can be a corporate mascot, a character signboard, or a merchandise model or a vending machine.


6. Awning Installation:

Awning storefront sign is part of the visual application design for chain stores to enhance the customer's sense of unity.

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