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Metal Sign Material Introduction - Aluminum Alloy

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Metal sign has a variety of materials, each one with its own characteristics. Sichaun Jaguar Sign Experss Co.,Ltd as professional letter and sign manufacturer since 1998 who introduces you the production of metal sign materials - Aluminum Alloy.


1. What is aluminum alloy ?

Aluminum alloy is a kind of non-ferrous metal structural material, which is the most widely used application material in the industry. With the rapid development of industrial economy, the demand for aluminum alloy welded structural parts is increasing. In recent years, aluminum alloy signage has been widely used. In the metal signage products, aluminum alloy signage accounts for more than 90%.



2. The features of aluminum alloy  

1). The aluminum alloy signage is light in weight: the density of aluminum is 2.7, which is less than one-third of the density of metallic copper, which is close to one-third of the density of stainless steel. The quality of aluminum alloy signs of the same size is much smaller.

 2). Easy to process and manufacture: aluminum alloy material not only has small quality, but also has super-stretching performance, easy to cut, easy to stamp and form, meet the needs of special process of signage, and greatly reduce the cost of production and processing.


3). High temperature and corrosion resistance: aluminum melting point between 580-740°C, used as a sign, enough to resist any harsh conditions. The surface of the aluminum alloy can form a hard and dense oxide film. It is difficult to corrode the aluminum alloy with strong acid and alkali, and the corrosion resistance is super strong. Even in the harsh environment of the industrial area and coastal areas, it can still be used for a long time.


4). Does not contain magnetism: the signage products made of aluminum alloy material do not have magnetic, will not interfere with the equipment, will not affect the normal use of the equipment.


5). Rich in resources: aluminum's annual output is second only to steel, the world's second largest metal output, and the price is relatively cheap, is the first choice for all types of signs.



3. The advantages and disadvantages of aluminum signage

Disadvantages: The texture of the aluminum alloy is soft. During the welding process, the level of the processor will directly affect the flatness and firmness of the finished surface, and the weld spot is large, which is not easy to be smoothed. This also makes the aluminum alloy logo in the mark design in the United States, because the modern logo requires both the overall image and the characteristics, and the difficulty of the aluminum alloy welding process limits the diversity of the product appearance. In addition, aluminum alloy signage is poorly identifiable where there is no light source.


Advantages: Compared with other materials, aluminum alloy materials will not rust, the surface forms are various, the content information can be replaced independently, the subsequent use cost is low, and the maintenance is extremely convenient. The signboard emphasizes its clarity and readability, so the matte finish treatment replaces the glossy finish, which solves the problem of reflective materials such as copper plates, stainless steel plates and glass.

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