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Hotel Signage Material Classification

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As everyone know, there are many categories of hotel signage materials. Sichuan Jaguar Sign Experss Co ., Ltd as professional sign manufacturer is dedicated to creating five-star hotel signage system. Below is a detailed classification introduction of hotel signage materials by Jaguar Sign. The hotel signages system can be defined as a singage use the installation, hanging, hanging, sticking and other installation methods in different environments and areas. The hotel signage have a variety of standard textures and express the orientation function or information through the description words.


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According to material the hotel signage classification is: acrylic signage, wooden signage (divided solid wood, imitation wood), metal signage ( divided brass, aluminum, stainless steel ), PVC singage, KT signage.

1. Acrylic signage: reasonable price, simple process and easy installation. But the texture of acrylic material is a little weak, the surface of the acrylic signage will wear out after a long time use.

2. Aluminum signage: beautiful appearance, high grade, strong sense of three-dimensional texture. The process requirements are high and the production cycle is relatively slow.

3. Stainless steel signage: medium price, strong three-dimensional texture, easy to install, long time will be slightly deformed.

4. Brass signage: texture is strong, appearance is elegant. Because it is made of solid brass, so the price is higher relatively.

5. PVC signage and KT signage: Light and easy to install, simple process, short production cycle and price is lower relatively. Long periods of time will cause significant wear and tear.

6. Wooden signage: beautifuultexture and easy to install, but it has strict requirements on the environment and avoids long-term moist environment.


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The hotel signage are classified by region: outdoor signs ( such as buildin sign, house number sign, lightbox sign, etc), indoor signs  ( lobby sign, romm number sign, image wall sign, direction sign, etc).

According to the function points, the hotel signage classification is: guide sign, nameplates, direction sign, Notice sign.

According to the production craft: etched signs, painted signs, electroplated plates, silk screen plates, engraving sings.

According to the installation method, the hotel signage classification is: hanging sign, wall-mounted sign, freestanding sign.

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