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The Basic Design Principles of storefront sign

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The storefront sign design is an important part of creating an economical and beautiful shop. While greatly enhancing the brand value, the storefront sign is also highly recognizable. So what are the principles and design points of the storefront sign ? The main external sign of the storefront as a store or brand largely reflects the nature and characteristics of the brand. How well the store is planned, often determines the amount of traffic that customers come to the store. So, what kind of storefront sign design can attract customers?


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1. Accuracy

The storefront sign design should accurately reflect the category and business characteristics of the store, and the business content and theme of the promotion store can reflect the characteristics and connotation of the product. The ambiguous storefront sign design conveys to the customer's ambiguous information and prevents customers from choosing to enter the store.


2. Advertising

The storefront sign should be able to play a wide-ranging role, the purpose of which is to promote the store's business content and expand the store's visibility. Jaguar Sign ( over 20 years experience sign manufacturer ) recommend the design can use the decorative elements such as window showcase, light box, signboard, neon sign and such on to design the pattern, text and shape, and fully promote the store and brand.


3. Popularity

The design of the storefront sign should be changed with the aesthetic concept of people in different periods, and the materials, modeling forms and popular color matching should be changed accordingly to keep up with the trend of the times. Such as retro neon lights, as well as the popular illuminated solid acrylic letter in recent years, widely used in the production of storefront sign.


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4. Uniqueness

Nowadays, people are more and more concerned about health in their daily diet. What is more important is the environment and fun of eating. Coupled with the influence of the Internet, the restaurant with characteristics is very easy to make a popular restaurant. This is probably near there are more and more reasons for the theme restaurants and light food restaurants. Therefore, the storefront sign design must strive to be different and unconventional, so that customers will have a sense of spiritual shock and emotional resonance as soon as they see the storefront sign of the store. The design should dare to embody the unique style of the store with exaggerated images and words.


5. Economics

The storefront sign design does not have to pursue luxury. Jaguar Sign ( over 20 years experience sign manufacturer ) recommend the storefront sign design should conform to the principle of economical savings. As long as the materials are properly selected and conform to their own characteristics, the final design will be carefully and beautifully laid out.

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