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Corporation Building Signage System Introduction ( part one )

2019-12-6 13:35:52 times the

The wayfinding signage system is a static identification symbol in our environment and plays an essential role in people's daily communication and travel. General government agencies, schools, hospitals, and various large, medium and small-sized corporations' buildings have a relatively prominent distribution of orientation signs. All signs are integrated into what we called “Corporation Building Signage System”.



The Signage System can accurately provide convenient direction guidance services for the masses, improve people's work efficiency, and establish a good image for the corporation. Then, Jaguar Sign ( 20 years professional letter and sign manufacturer ) introduce the types and functions of signage included in the signage system.


Corporation Building Image Signage

Government agencies, schools, hospitals, and various large and medium-sized corporations' office buildings and office space are used to display the corporate culture image. The simple, clear, creative and novel image signage is a display of the company's overall image and an important part of the company's culture. Therefore, it is becoming more and more widely used in modern corporations.



Corporate Buildings Floor-standing Signage

Floor-standing signs in corporate space serve as directions and guidance for the crowd, and are mainly placed in densely populated places such as lobby, stairs, Floor aisle or exit. Floor-standing signs are part of modern architecture, and their design, color matching, and manufacturing techniques need to be carefully considered to make them complement the main building and the greenery. The above is the introduction of “ Corporation Building Signage System Introduction ( part one ) ” from Jaguar Sign.

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