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Corporation Building Signage System Introduction ( part two )

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In the previous article, we have separately introduced to the signs included in the wayfinding sign system: such as corporation building image signage, corporate buildings floor-standing signage. Below Jaguar Sign will continue to introduce you to other types and functions of signage.



1. Floor Wayfinding Sign

The floor wayfinding sign in the corporate office building is mainly used to remind the crowd to clearly understand the floor number they are on. Therefore, in general, our floor wayfinding signs are usually placed at the lobby, fire exit and elevator entrance to mark the number of floors on each floor. Therefore, a clear floor wayfinding plates in each corperation’s floor is one of the essential components in the wayfinding sign system.


2. Room Plates and House Number Sign 

The room plates and house number sign in the corporate building are mainly used to mark the name of the corporate department and the function of the room. Generally speaking, the room plates and house number sign are designed and produced according to the cultural style of the corperation, but there are also individual buildings that are planned, designed and produced by the property unit.



3. Function Signage

The function signage in the corperation building is mainly used to help the crowd to efficiently identify various reminder information and improve the efficiency of people's activities and work. The contents of the function signage generally include, for example, fire passage sign, warm reminder sign, public safety sign, toilet sign and date reminder sign.


Generally speaking, the wayfinding signage system in corperation buildings includes corporate image signage, buildings floor-standing signage, floor wayfinding sign, room plates and house number sign, and function signage. In addition, according to special needs, you can also customize the signs for various needs.


The above is the introduction of “ Corporation Building Signage System Introduction ( part two ) ” from Jaguar Sign --- with over 20 years professional letter & signage manufacturing leading supplier in china.


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