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New Tech Sign - Smd Led Board Sign ( Original Products Series )

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Smd Led Board Sign


The SMD Led Board Sign as a new tech signgae that is quite light in weight, multiple color, waterproof and heat-resistant, can be used directly as Led letter sign. In addition, jaguar sign's smd led board sign as  a technologically revolutionary identification light source and has obtained a patent for invention. Stability, standard, quality and efficiency are the main advantages of this product.

Smd Led Board Sign

SMD led board sign can replace the traditional lights. The popularity of traditional modules and S-light strips has brought convenience to the production of illuminated letters, but it has also exposed the chaos of homogenization, low-price competition and low quality. The appearance of the smd led board sign fills the market gap of customers' demand for low-frequency, customized and high-quality marking light source, solves the problem of uneven lighting, no standard hand work and high maintenance cost etc. It is an excellent accessory product for high-quality illuminating products.

led moudle  ( traditional modules )

                                led strip  ( S-light strips ) 

                                                               smd led board sign  ( smd led board sign )

Jaguar Sign has brought in hundred-thousand-dollar equipment from Japan to produce this product. It can automatically produce based on the standard of the shape of the led letters, realize one-step installation, abandon the cumbersome process of traditional light source installation, and greatly enhance the advertising sign production efficiency. And the quality and lighting effect are also guaranteed.


Smd Led Board Sign

Smd Led Board Sign


Smd Led Board Sign

Smd Led Board Sign


1. Traditional modules

The traditional making process is tedious, time-consuming. The product cannot reach a unified standard because of the workers level of technology. It's hard to avoid the problems of inhomogeneous lamps, complex circuits, dead angle of the light and the shadow for the workers' technology.

Smd Led Board Sign

( traditional modules )

2. S-light strips

The soft lamp bar has simplified the making process with module but still need the technicist to set lamps manually. So these problems of non unified standard, inhomogeneous light, dead angle and shadows are still exist.

Smd Led Board Sign

( S-light strips )

3. Smd led board sign

The launch of the Integrated Circuit Luminescent Screen will liberate the workforce all-round. The luminescent screen is produced by whole digital control, which can set the lamps automatically by digital technology with zero-error, high efficiency, homogeneous light and unified standard.

Smd Led Board Sign

( smd led board sign )


1. Letter & sign as light source


Smd Led Board Sign

2. Letter & sign for outdoor use


Smd led board sign

Smd led board sign

Smd led board sign

3. Creative derivative products




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