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A New Tech Signage - Illuminated Acrylic Metal Coating Letters ( Original Products Series )

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Jaguar Sign illuminated acrylic metal coating letter is a new type of advertising letter sign which has the metal finish and meanwhile can be illuminated. It is a process that metal ion segregates from the metal and adhere to the acrylic surface.

                illuminated acrylic metal coating letter illuminated acrylic metal coating letter

After years of market research and rich experience in production, we found that the metal layer of “evaporated aluminum coating” product is easy to fall off,  even the metal finish is not real and the light is uneven. In order to solve this problem, Jaguar Sign has brought a number of hundred-thousand-dollar of equipment from Germany, researched and developed “magnetron sputtering vacuum coating” technology, then created acrylic metal coating letter.

                illuminated acrylic metal coating letter illuminated acrylic metal coating letter

illuminated acrylic metal coating letter

Jaguar sign has more than 12 metal color through updated technology continuously, such as champagne gold, rose gold, gold, royal blue, amethyst, bright silver and so on. Also we have matte and glossy finish to greatly satisfies the various requirements of customers.

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