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Witness the friendship between China and Singapore - Jaguar Sign

2019-8-21 17:44:17 times the

In the last few years, jaguar sign products have been exported to 72 countries including the United States, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. This time, jaguar sign is a testament to the friendship between China and New Zealand.


In March 2019, jaguar sign received a call from the New Zealand embassy in Beijing asking for a unique sign to be used by the prime minister of New Zealand to unveil in China.


At the invitation of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, New Zealand Prime Minister Jessinda Aden was paid an official visit to China from March 31 to April 1. Prime Minister Aden and Ambassador Fu Enlai jointly unveiled the new building. This large-scale investment represents New Zealand's commitment to China's relations and demonstrates the strength of the new China-China relationship.



This cooperation is the communication between jaguar sign and the New Zealand Embassy in China after more than 50 emails. The final product design is confirmed: 2mm brass is used for drawing effect, and the text content is corroded. This not only maintains the classic durability of the brass plate, but also demonstrates the noble elegance of brass. It perfectly reflects the sincere friendship between China and New Zealand.

After 7 days of machining, the workers carefully polished and finally made a curtain of customer satisfaction.



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